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Lightly Lifted Tinctures



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Lightly Lifted Tinctures for sale at Premiumthcconcentrates– 1 FL. OZ.

A Quick Note From the Co-Founders, Caitlin and Jake Seidman:


Before our son was born I was an avid cannabis user, but it was especially after he was born – fully demanding of our attention and affection – that I tried to find a product which could help me relax and recharge without causing a crash at night and a foggy morning.  That product didn’t really exist – so my husband and I started Lightly Lightly Lifted Tinctures because we wanted a controlled sensation that aided in self-care and core wellness.

Raised in New Zealand, I saw firsthand how important it is to stay connected with nature and stay in tune with ourselves, and Lightly Lifted Tinctures helps provide that mellow and mindful approach to work, to life, and to oneself.

In short, my co-founder husband and I started this company as a reminder to live each moment to its fullest, and our product is aligned with that notion.


As both a former chef and full-time entrepreneur, I wanted to launch a cannabis company that is at once pleasing to the palate and perfect for a professional – something I myself would enjoy before a meal or after work.  And as a San Francisco native, I knew it had to be authentic and in keeping with an active lifestyle – no smoke-filled lungs or stoney edibles to take me out of the zone due to using Lightly Lifted Tinctures.

Lightly Lifted thus started to take shape in accordance with these guideposts:  balanced (with all natural ingredients), blended (with THC and CBD), and better tasting than anything else on the market.

In short, my co-founder wife and I started this company as a reminder to occasionally take your foot off the gas and take a moment to absorb the fullness of life, and our product was created with that in mind.

Caitlin and Jake:

As parents, as professionals, as world travelers and city dwellers, but above all as cannabis consumers: we invite you to try Lightly Lifted Tinctures.  Thank you, and chill responsibly.

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