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Cosmic View CBD Tinctures (~20:1 Ratio)


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Cosmic View CBD tinctures are made with award winning Sonoma County, cold pressed Tuscan blend olive oil and full sun, whole flower CBD-rich cannabis grown exclusively by small family farms in the Emerald Triangle.

Studies show that particular polyphenols in high quality olive oil activate the CB1 receptor, inhibiting the growth and proliferation of certain cancer cells. Our Cosmic View CBD Tinctures olive oil, combined with terpene-rich extracts, create a refined flavor profile with maximum health benefits.

We collaborate closely with our cultivators and extractors to use a proprietary low-pressure subcritical CO2 extraction method that minimizes terpene and valuable phytonutrient loss during the cannabis extraction process and maximizes a true full spectrum medicine.

Our Cosmic View CBD Tinctures are less refined than most on the market, retaining more of the natural polyphenols from the plant that have antioxidant, anti-cancer and other health promoting benefits.

Our Cosmic View CBD Tinctures is the perfect supplement for anyone looking for a health boost and a daily pick-me-up without any psychoactive activity.

Widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has also been shown to be a mood stabilizer that may effectively treat anxiety and depression. Use this tincture throughout your day to create a sense of greater well-being and to keep inflammation at bay.

Strains: All of our Cosmic View CBD Tinctures are strain specific, with strains published on each COA sticker. Strains we use for the 20:1 include Ringo’s Gift, Harle Tsu and Girl Scout Cookies

Ingredients: Organic Tuscan blend California cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil, sun-grown, holistically farmed Emerald Triangle cannabis extract 

Approx. 500 mg total true whole spectrum cannabinoids / 30 ML
Approx. 90 mg total true whole spectrum cannabinoids / 4.5 ML


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