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Welcome to NY Cannabis Mart, a fully legal cannabis dispensary with weed delivery services in NY and NJ. The state of New York is moving forward with a new weed dispensary law due to legalization. There are several recreational dispensaries, and many are close to Manhattan like ours. We are one of the few legal cannabis dispensaries with delivery services generally between 9am to 10pm. Unlike other physical dispensaries, we currently only provide weed delivery services within NY and NJ. When receiving your marijuana order, adults must present a state-issued ID. If you’re a medical marijuana patient, you will receive a discount on your first order.  While New York City is home to several dozens of dispensaries, our dispensary offers the best variety of THC and CBD products at competitive prices.

We oversee packaging in discreet packs to ensure your purchase is not safe from nosy neighbors. Our weed delivery service covers all of New York and New Jersey with rapid delivery times a guarantee. Every purchase made with us is secured and guaranteed up until delivery. We equally provide refunds for defective or misplaced orders at no extra cost to the customer.

With legalization of marijuana in NY now active, we carry out our services legally with no risk on our customers. With the NY cannabis industry is still in its early stages, we are still limited in the extent of our services.  As for the public status of a New York dispensary, the city is allowing recreational marijuana use in public, including smoking. The state’s legalization of marijuana is an important step towards ensuring that cannabis is no longer a stigma in society.


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Can I buy weed legally in New York?

Yes, you can. Cannabis is legal in New York for adults 21 and older. You can buy and possess up to 3 ounces (85 grams) of weed and up to 24 grams of concentrate. The law legalizing recreational use passed in March 2021.

Can I order cannabis online without a medical marijuana card?

Yes. Currently, only legal cannabis dispensaries operating in New York are medical dispensaries. However, it is now legal to buy weed online without a marijuana card (recreational use) in NY.

Can I smoke in my car in NY?

No, you cannot. It is currently illegal to smoke in your vehicle even if you are not the driver. Smoking in parked cars is illegal as well.

Can I have weed delivered to my house in New York?

Yes, each product listed on our site is eligible for delivery within NY. With same day delivery available to nearby locations.

How do I find a weed dispensary near me in NY?

Look no further than us. With our vast selection of cannabis products you are guaranteed to have your money’s worth.

Can I smoke weed in public in NY?

Individuals may smoke or vape cannabis wherever smoking tobacco is allowed with the exception that cannabis vaping or smoking is not allowed in motor vehicles (even if they are parked) or in outdoor dining areas at restaurants.

Where does your dispensary ship to?

We have same day delivery for locations close to our storefront. Next day delivery all over NY.

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